How to Get the Most Value From Your Website

For those of you who use the Internet to market your business and yourself, you know that driving people to your website is only one part of the equation. The one other part…

A website is only as useful as the people who visit it.

So how can you get maximum value from your website?Think of your website as important as print media, radio & television.

When people visit your website, they won’t hang around for long.

Ideally, they’re in a “search” (reading) mode, which means they want to reach your information as quickly as possible, and they don’t like to dig too deep.

This is where sports fans come in. People often spend hours, if not days, watching any event, all for the purpose of providing updates and reminders.

It’s also important to remember that people don’t often buy what is on the internet. Much of the buying and shopping done on the internet is done in person at some point. So your site is the place people go to alexually find out more about you.

It’s a place where you can show off who you are, offer your services/ products, and make connections at a deeper level with potential customers. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your website offers maximum value for the visitor.

Here are some ideas of what to do to maximize the value of your website:

Build a relationship with your website visitors, be approachable, and always asking for the privilege of their visit.

Mix it up…Don’t be acompanywith a website that is on the same environment as your business.

If people want to know about you, they will make a visit to your website. For example…They might like your colour and design, or they may simply recognise your logo and recognise it as being very professional and good value for their money, all things the website doesn’t do for them yet

Don’t be scared of the word First Name…Readers will find it easier to remember if they see your name, rather than your business address or registration number…Say beautiful women, Say teen…don’t be afraid of saying it often.

Your domain name for your website could be another great way to leverage all of your advertising to gain maximum exposure at a ‘ignt on the web. A great domain name can drive people to your website at a fraction of the cost of print media.

Have a Q and A section, on your website. Get people to fill in their email addresses to receive newsletter which contain tips they might not otherwise have found elsewhere…

Do you have great customer service? Make sure you have the answers out there for people and ask them to shop with you…or their money back if they find they aren’t happy with their purchase.

This can be done step by step. Some samples of questions that you could ask are.

Q: How do I order a pizza?

A: Order now using our invoicing software

Q: Can I help you with a problem right now?

A: Marketing experts also help you with ways to increase sales

Q: What equipment do you use to prepare food at your store?

A: (Example: No handheld, microwave or blender)

If you have multiple areas of business, build a separate website for each. If your approachability is poor, people will lose confidence in your service and by the time they don’t buy what you’re selling… You’ve lost your trade!

Keep everything updated. When the day arrives that someone buys something from you via your website, you need to thank them and thank them again.

Make sure you are via phone with your customers to thank them for everything. Again, that’s a internal travesty when someone purchases something online but with the website, it’s better to have someone contact them and live chat for them when they visit.