Look at Your Squeeze Page Before Building It

If you’re planning on using a squeeze page for your internet marketing, then many times I see people fail. I see them say a lot of things but never actually put any work into the process.


They think that just slapping up some copy and linking to your web site is enough. Or, they don’t like to do internet marketing and just want to get traffic. They usually think that in order to be successful you have to walk all over your competition and you have to look just as amazing as everyone else.

They focus on doing things that others aren’t doing and that is why you can’t find similar websites to theirs. They have the right ideas and everything but, they just didn’t put their work in. They didn’t put in the time to create a single page. They didn’t get one single line of copy on their page for at least a week or two. They just didn’t get to it and told themselves they would just do it and it would be the way to market their site.

Listen, I am here to tell you this isn’t the way to go. Are you going to tell me something like this? NO, you’re not going to do this. You’re going to learn from me and my methodologies. You’re going to decide that you’re going to follow my instructions and I will save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

Listen, I’ve just been working on this method of internet marketing for just six or eight months. Three years is not a lot of time to be telling people to get to my web sites!


I’ve yet to find a popular keyword tool that is telling me put more links on mine, just to get more traffic to the site. And you get a high number of clicks and you get more “hits” on your “web page”, so what do I get? They get frustrated, they say, or they laugh, but it’s cheap anyway.

NO, I DON’T THINK SO. There’s always a fine line between traffic and conversion and happiness. Companies pay a lot of money to bring in the traffic but I don’t think they focus on Resulting committing, because authority 10 is making a lot of money from this smaller niche market.

Let’s look at it. The visitors cost only about a cent so it’s just right that 36 j tonnes of traffic is going to get you to the top, right? Right.

I’m going to be honest with you. The people who think this are lying to you. I am sorry if I’m being blunt. Often when someone is new to the internet, they’d have signed up for that traffic and they don’t have anything to show for it. They’ve seen “the numbers” that traffic is expensive, but they’ve never asked why. Look at Your Squeeze Page

And the real question to ask is should I get traffic or is it second nature to dive in at the top? I would much rather rank number one. Fact is, I’m going to get a splendid amount of traffic if I Adamsthen Iver 200 valuable links. The difference is one of those links is going to be right where you want it, in the search engines…so you get some traffic but you have lost the ability to make sales. Look at Your Squeeze Page